Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a major hassle if you want to use affiliate marketers to promote your products and services using paid ads, email marketing, etc.

But affiliate marketing is the best way to work on conversion or commission model. Digital ShoutOuts Media use data insight tools and tech you can’t get anywhere else. They give you real intel on who and where your best customers are, and how to get them. We have largest network of publishers and affiliate marketers who can run your ads on CPL(Cost per lead), CPS (Cost per sale), CPI (Cost per install), CPVV (Cost per video view) and many uncountable model also.

In the time where one can measure the impact of every move, affiliate marketing comes to your aid to drive the last leg conversion for your brand or build a mass impact for you. With affiliate marketing, there are a lot of areas that can explored and we will drive you there. We understand the business and where and how of it. Partnering with affiliates may seem like a very easy job but there are a lot of factors to be considered when one does it. Our expertise in this domain will help you make the right choices and drive the best results from Affiliate channels.