Influencer Marketing

The world of marketing is continuously evolving as new technology emerges to fill our tool box and expand our capabilities. As of 2022, the influencer marketing industry in India was valued at over 12 billion Indian rupees. It was projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent over the next five years. The industry’s market value was estimated to amount to 28 billion Indian rupees by 2026.

Digital Shoutouts Media is the leading influencer marketing platform and agency in India, connecting brands and social media influencers to tell epic stories. We believe a brand is no longer what we tell people it is. It’s what people tell each other it is. We are not just creating your content but providing Strategy Consultation, Full-Service Campaign Management, Detailed Analytics Curated Influencer Selection, Fraud Prevention, All Major Social Platforms.

We have global experience in creation, distribution and monetisation of content. We were leveraging content, well way before the term ‘influencer marketing’ was even coined! From celebrity and macro creators, to micro influencers and college ambassadors, our deep relationships with thousands of top Indian YouTubers, Instagrammers, and more, ensures you’re not only getting the right people to represent your brand, but you’re getting it at the most efficient cost as well.